Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
2017 BAND 199er Pictures & Results
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Fri Morn 1st Overall A and B Champs
Pam Pickrell & Connie Chamberlin
Fri Morn 1st Overall in C Champs
Rob Bugbee & John Peart
Fri Aft 1st Overall in C Champs
Phyllis Zeidell & Mike Carter
Fri Aft 1st Overall A & B Champs
Ken Melvin & Bill Brooks
Fri Aft 1st Overall 0-20 Champs
Jan Brand & Leslie Collins
Sat Aft 0-20 Prs Strat C Champs
Sherry & John Peart
Sat Morn Strat A Champs
Daniel Butler & Sharon Seagraves
Sat Morn Strat B Champs
Martin Blecha & Gina Inman
Sat Aft Strat B Champs
Pamela Pickrell & Connie Chamberlain
Sat Aft 0-20 Prs Strats AB Champ
Paul Therriault & Karen DeGraffenreid
Sat Aft Strat A Champs
Sherra K Read & Dave Croissant
Sun 0-20 Sectional Strat B Champs
Bob Bugbee & Amy Adams
Sun 0-20 Sectional Strat C Champs
Dean Gilmore & Andrea Hagar
Sun Morn Swiss Strat ABC Champs
Alan Fletcher & William Eads
Brian Eaton & T John Alexander
Sun Aft Swiss Strat ABC Champs
Allan Chernov & Joan Chandler
Deanna Davis, & Mike Carter
August 6, 2017