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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Home of the 299ers
Susan Bates
John Pelletti
September Specials
Student Specials
Take class in the morning, Play FREE THAT DAY in 299er
(Plus $1 for Bonus Games)

Take an evening class, Play FREE THE NEXT WEEKEND in 299er
(Plus $1 for Bonus Games)

BAND Entry Fees:
$10 for BPM; $14 for Non-BPM
Unit Games ~ $11 For All
Bill Osborn
Wednesday Eve,
Saturday & Sunday
Meet Your 299er Designated Directors
BAND's Designated 299er Director will be your host for the game including present your mini lesson,
starting your game on time, answering one question per round per player, making sure your game runs in a
timely manner, and finally creating a fun atmosphere for you to visit with old friends and meet new ones.
299er Unit Game Winners
September Unit Games are...
Sunday, Sept 9th @ 1:30pm & Wednesday, Sept 12th @ 12:30pm
Michael McShane
Monday, Thursday
& Friday
August 299er AB Champs
Amy Adams & Ron Day
August 299er C Champs
Rock Barnebey & Chris Harding