BAND 70%+ Club - 2011

Congrats to the following winners for achieving 70% or better in a BAND club game!
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
75.56% Game!
March 23rd 6:30pm 49er Prs
Ed & Pat Ducayet
70.01% Game!
March 28th 1:30pm Open Prs
Nancy Fellman & Jim Richman
76.25% Game!
February 25th 12:30 Open Prs
Mark Bumgardner & ZO Sherwood
81.28% Game!
April 4th 0-20 Prs
Norma Taquino & Chris Skibell
72.93% Game!
March 28th Graduation Party
Carol Adamek & Suzy Landraf
75% Game!
March 28th Graduation Party
Wissa Winston & Lorraine Hecker
75% Game!
April 4th 0-20 Prs
Catherine LeBlanc & Adam Zehner
70.29% Game!
March 12th 199er Prs
Susan Bates & John Pelletti
71.57% Game!
April 6th 6:30pm 49er Prs
Dwight Hill & Virginia Boatwright
80% Game!
March 26th 9:30 Open Prs
Mark Bumgardner & Jim Richman
70% Game!
March 23rd Open Prs
Mark Bumgardner & Carol Stodghill
71% Game!
February 21st 9:30 199er Prs
Jim Richman & Roy Laughlin
75% Game!
May 4th 12:30 49er Prs
Judy Prior & Barbara Ching
81% Game!
April 25th Newbie Game
Gay McAlister & Chris Skibell
74% Game!
June 8th 49er Prs
Judy Pryor & Leah Margerison
71% Game!
June 10th Newbie Prs
Marcia Bateman & Debor Cassen
72% Game!
June 11th 299er Prs (Sectional)
Billie Brooks & Carol Stollenwerck
70% Game!
June 18th 499er Prs
Rene Levy & Andi Gordon
71% Game!
July 15th Open Prs
Jerry Hess & Bill Osborn
75% Game!
July 1st Open Prs
Jack Smith & Gail Wells
72% Game!
June 27th 49er Prs
Steve Preston & Melanie Munnell
73% Game!
July 22nd Open Prs
Bill Osborn & Jerry Hess
75% Game!
July 30th Open Prs
Adam Zehner & Nancy Fellman
79% Game!
August 2nd 49er Prs
Ann & Ian Currell
72% Game!
August 11th Open Prs
Bill Osborn & Jerry Hess
74% Game!
August 24th 49er Prs
Melanie Munnell & Steve Preston
72% Game!
August 28th 49er Prs
Denise Strueber & John Ellis
70% Game!
October 21st Open Prs
Bruce Harbour & Ann Sims
October 24th Open Prs
Nancy Latner & Ray Olds
70% Game!
November 7th Open Prs
Tony Pellegrini & Bill Osborn
71% Game!
November 1st Open Prs
Marion Gebhardt & Gail Wells
71% Game!
November 15th 49er Prs
Larry & Beth Hills
71% Game!
November 15th 299er Prs
Lynn Cooper & Nancy Latner
70% Game!
November 11th 299er Prs
Leah & Rick Margerison
71% Game!
72% Game!
December 1st 0-20 Prs
Evie Dashefsky & Cathy Ranspot
73% Game!
73% Game!
November 17th 0-20 Prs
Cindy Thorton  & Cathy Ranspot
90% Game!