BAND 70%+ Club - 2013

Congrats to the following winners for achieving 70% or better in a BAND club game!
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
71% Game!
January 16th ICCG Open Prs
Kevin Cline & Eric Ho
80% Game!
January 15th Newby Prs
Carolyn Baker & Peggy Wildman
74% Game!
January 31st Newby Prs
Jenny Haynes & Carol Lyon
71% Game!
February 13th Newby Prs
Lacy Peterson & Cindy Thorton
70% Game!
January 26th Int'l Fund 499er Prs
Lynn & Barry Cooper
73% Game!
February 5th 1500er Prs
N.J Tripode & Mel Sharp
70% Game!
February 12th ICCG Open Prs
Marion Gebhardt & Gail Wells
70% Game!
February 9th Open Prs
Michael Penick & Gary Bush
73% Game!
July 13th Open Prs
EJ Nowak & Billie Dalton
77% Game!
December  18th Newby Prs
Ilene Bierman & Karen Cohen
70 Game!
December  23rd Open Prs
Gail Wells & Marion Gebhardt
76 Game!
September 17th Newby Prs
Arnie & Barbara Stokol
70 Game!
July 20th 299er Prs
Beth Castleberry & Jo Basel
70% Game!
May 31st Open Prs
Roslyn Miller & Bettie Ingram
70% Game!
September 13th Open Prs
Bill Osborn & Suresh Agrawal
70% Game!
September 13th Open Prs
Bill Osborn & Suresh Agrawal
74% Game!
September 24th 299er Prs
Diane Bricker & Liz Vilmar
75% Game!
July 16th Open Prs
Bill Osborn & Bettie Ingram
73% Game!
September 14th Open Prs
Martha Young & Bob Scallan
73% Game!
June 20th 299er Prs
Chris Skibell & Beth Castleberry
73% Game!
July 9th Open Prs
Jack Borenstein & Jack Smith
72% Game!
June 28th Open Prs
Gail Wells & Jack Smith
71% Game!
September 11th 1500er Prs
Richard Wittrup & Randy Earle
71% Game!
October 9th Open Prs
Bonnie Shea & Gay Anderson
71% Game!
May 29th Newby Prs
Carolyn Baker & Jole Leuhrs
71% Game!
June 11th Open Prs
Marian Maley & Barbara Ferm
July 3rd Newby Prs
Kristin & Dan Markham
71% Game!
December 23rd 299er Prs
B Smith & L Robertson
70% Game!
September 14th 299er Prs
Judy Noble & Kay Moran