BAND Patron Member News  
This page is designed especially for the BAND Patron Members.  You will find announcements of
special events and programs throughout the year on this page.  You will also find BAND Patron
accomplishments, pictures and stories on this page.
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Member Benefits
  • 30% Discount on Games: Patron Members $10 & Non Members $14
  • 30% discount on BAND Workshops (Individual Savings)
  • Eligible to participate in the BAND Mentor/Mentee Program
  • BAND Convention Card Sticker
  • Game Punch Card
  • New Rankers' Parties
  • Birthday Free Play
  • First Option to BAND Game Reservations, Game Entries, Special Events & Workshops
  • Members with 500+ MPs, play free when mentoring in the Mentor/Mentee Pairs program
Enjoy Your Birthday FREE play!

Mon Aft 49ers Prs ~
BPM $10, non-BPM $14
Attend all four Mondays in November,
Get a Free Play in December!

Mon Morn Intermediate students
Play Free in Afternoon game.

Wed Eve 49ers Prs ~
BPM $5; non-BPM $10
($1 Extra for Bonus Pt Games)

Participate in Mon & Wed's AM PNL
& Play FREE in Aft 49er Prs!
(Good only for that day)

Participate in Fri MB Class
& Play FREE in Fri Aft 49er Prs!

New Rankers' Party
September Rankers
Wed, Nov 22nd @ 12:00pm

Open/299er/49er Prs
As of  November 1, 2017 ~ Join the Club!
November Patron Member Birthdays
Suresh Agrawal 11/1
Judy Floyd 11/1
Frank Gill 11/1
David Kellogg 11/3
Carla Joiner 11/4
Lynell Pinion 11/4
Hilton Israelson 11/5
Louella Josset 11/5
Rick Margerison 11/5
Mary Stevenson 11/5
Rosalee Hacker 11/6
Judy Osborn 11/6
Barbara Aide 11/7
Pierrette Gordon 11/8
Bonnie Rothpletz 11/9
Elizabeth Donner 11/10
Anita Everhart 11/10
Nancy Lynd 11/10
Sherra Kay Read 11/11
Carol Phelps 11/12
Marsha Young 11/12
Ken Bickelhaupt 11/13
Kristin Kline 11/13
Michael Chockley 11/15
Gano Ehlers 11/15
Bill Higgins 11/15
James Huth 11/15
Mary Agnes Cain 11/17
Beth Sonnier 11/18
Deanna Davis 11/19
Paulette Armstrong 11/20
Donna Compton 11/20
Ruth Viola 11/20
Darrel Strelitz 11/21
Terry Dupuis 11/27
Nicole Hansard 11/28
Jole Luehrs 11/29
Cheryl Rider 11/29