BAND Patron Member News  
This page is designed especially for the BAND Patron Members.  You will find announcements of
special events and programs throughout the year on this page.  You will also find BAND Patron
accomplishments, pictures and stories on this page.
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Member Benefits
  • 33% Discount on Games: Patron Members $8 & Non Members $12
  • 20% discount on BAND Workshops (Individual Savings)
  • Eligible to participate in the BAND Mentor/Mentee Program
  • BAND Convention Card Sticker
  • Game Punch Card
  • New Rankers' Parties
  • Birthday Free Play
  • First Option to BAND Game Reservations, Game Entries, Special Events & Workshops
  • Members with 500+ MPs, play free when mentoring in the Mentor/Mentee Pairs program
Enjoy Your Birthday FREE play!
Participate in Wed's AM PNL
& Play FREE in
Wed Aft 49er Prs!**

**Must play in the morning PNL
to receive free play in the
afternoon 49er Prs

299er Specials:
Sat, Sun, Mon & Wed
BMP $4
($1 Extra for Bonus Pt Games)

New Ranker's Party
June Rankers
Wed, July 26th @ 12:00pm

Open/299er/49er Prs
As of  July 1, 2017 ~ Join the Club!
July Patron Member Birthdays
Rodger Gruenwald 7/1
Bunny Trimble 7/1
Susan Tucker 7/1
Susan Stone 7/2
Margaret Duff 7/4
David Luzzatto 7/4
Mary Beecherl 7/6
Wanda Benjamin 7/6
Robert Bugbee 7/7
Jennifer Mullins 7/7
Marj Frederiksen 7/8
Anne McCann 7/8
Brian Dalton 7/10
Louise Bowman 7/15
Mardi Rendell 7/16
Vicki Campbell 7/17
Linda Jimmerson 7/17
Anne McKamy 7/18
Shelley Early 7/20
Richard Gordon 7/20
Jeff Karpeles 7/20
Scott Nason 7/20
David Oxford 7/20
Patricia Kleckner 7/21
Pat O'Brien 7/21
Judith Tyler 7/21
Rebekah Hahn 7/22
Ellen Krane 7/23
Nancy Simpson 7/23
Ines De Urtubey 7/24
Bonnie Shea 7/24
Madalyn Teal 7/25
Sharon Childs 7/28
Janice Sickles 7/28
Archie Buskin 7/29
Phyllis Zidell 7/30
Mary Lee Duda 7/31
Janet Sheppard 7/31