BAND Patron Member News  
This page is designed especially for the BAND Patron Members.  You will find announcements of
special events and programs throughout the year on this page.  You will also find BAND Patron
accomplishments, pictures and stories on this page.
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Member Benefits (But Not Limited To...)
  • BAND Patron Member Sticker
  • Discounted entry fees (Individual Savings)
  • BAND Patron Member Entry Labels
  • Game Punch Cards
  • First Option to BAND Special Events & Workshops
  • Invitations to private lessons and/or games with Donna & Chris Compton
  • 30% discount on BAND Lessons
  • Participation in Attendance, Masterpoint and other contests throughout the year
  • Birthday Free Play during your Birthday Month
  • Eligible to participate in the BAND Mentor/Mentee Program
  • Members with 500+ MPs, play free when mentoring in the Mentor/Mentee Pairs program
Enjoy Your Birthday FREE play!
BAND Entry Fees:
BAND Patron Members ~ $10;
Non-Members ~ $14
All Bonus Games ~ $1 Extra
Unit Game ~ $11 For All

June Specials:
All P&L games - $5 for BPM;
$10 for Non-BPM

All 49er Games 1/2 Off in June!

Student Specials:
Take class in the morning,
In all games!
(Plus $1 for Bonus Games)

Take an evening class, Play
in all games!
(Plus $1 for Bonus Games)

BAND Patron
Annual Membership: $120

Recognition Party
June  Honorees
Wed, June 20th ~ All Day!
Open/299er/49er Prs

Birthday Celebration Day
Wednesday, July 11th @ 12:30pm
Light Lunch, Mini-Lessons
As of June 1, 2018 ~ Join the Club!
June Patron Member Birthdays
Elaine Lowenkron 6/1
Phil Pillans 6/1
Janice Trombello 6/2
Richard Adin 6/3
Len Bourland 6/3
Roslyn Miller 6/3
Mark Dumdei 6/4
Angela Johnson 6/4
Phil Ray 6/4
Lucy Buchanan 6/5
Kathy Derbes 6/7
Diane Dooley 6/7
Gail Marmol 6/7
Clint Schuhmacher 6/8
Ricardo Azevedo 6/9
Joan Chandler 6/10
Lynda Pillans 6/10
Sue Alter 6/11
Paul Duduit 6/11
Douglas Pierce 6/11
Sissy Cullum 6/12
David Noteware 6/12
Jeff Waguespack 6/12
Diane Brown 6/16
Leslie Conant 6/16
Marion Gebhardt 6/17
Jerry Jones 6/17
Sudhir Shah 6/17
Sharon Wilson 6/17
Betsy Goldsmith 6/19
Karim Abuhamad 6/20
Paula Corrigan 6/20
Marilyn Caperton 6/21
Camille Kemp 6/21
John Everhart 6/22
Karen Key 6/22
Nancy Kelly 6/23
Patrick Rayes 6/24
Darlene Campbell 6/26
Sidney Perutz 6/26
Pat Mittenthal 6/27
Elizabeth Trusty 6/27
Carole Cohen 6/28
Patsy Norvell 6/28
Ann Brown 6/29
Elinor Fries 6/29