BAND's Suggested Reading List (Available in our Bookstore)

  • Bridge Basics: An Introduction                                     Audrey Grant
  • Card Play Fundamentals                                               Easley Blackwood
  • Introduction to Declarer Play                                       Eddie Kantar
  • Introduction to Defender Play                                      Eddie Kantar
  • Take Your Tricks                                                          Eddie Kantar

  • Bridge Basics: Competitive Bidding                             Audrey Grant
  • Topics in Declarer Play                                                Eddie Kantar
  • Modern Bridge Defense                                                Eddie Kantar        
  • Bridge Basics: Popular Conventions                             Audrey Grant
  • Introduction to the Law                                                Larry Cohen
  • Improving Your Judgment: Opening the Bidding         Audrey Grant
  • Kantar for the Defense        Vol. 1                                Eddie Kantar
  • Test Your Bridge Play Vol. 1                                        Eddie Kantar

  • Improving Your Judgment: Doubles                             Audrey Grant
  • 2/1 Game Force                                                             Eric Rodwell
  • Advanced Bridge Defense                                             Eddie Kantar
  • 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know                   Barbara Seagram        
  • Kantar for the Defense Vol. 2                                       Eddie Kantar
  • Test Your Bridge Play Vol. 2                                        Eddie Kantar
  • Points Schmoints                                                           Marty Bergen
  • 25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding                             Barbara Seagram
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