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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
In June 2013, BAND hosted 1059 tables
In June 2012, BAND hosted 28,783 website hits
In May 2013, BAND hosted 227 tables in 1 week
In May 2015, BAND hosted 50 tables in 1 day
BAND Records
Galveston Land Cruise
May 1-6, 2018
Santa Fe Land Cruise
August 7-12, 2018
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All Sun Night Games &
Sat Aft 49er Games in
$5 for BPM Members
$10 for Non-BPM Members
BAND is now OPEN
365 days a year!
Upgraded Club Championship ~ February 24th @ 1:30-pm
pen/299er/49er Prs ~ Bonus Points
ust be ACBL membership to receive MasterPoints
For Our NEW
Sat Aft 49er Prs
@ 1:30pm
Monthly Unit Pairs ~ March 11th @ 1:30pm
Open/299er/49er Prs ~ Bonus Points
Overall winners awarded FREE Plays for future BAND Unit Events
Pictures of winners are posted on BAND's website & social sites
In February 2018, BAND hosted 237 tables in 1 week
Bonus Swiss ~ March 18th
Dinner @ 5pm; Game @ 5:30pm
Open Swiss & 500GNT Qualifier ~ Bonus Points
Dinner by Picasso! Reservations Required!
New Rankers' Party ~ March 28th
~ Open/299er/49er Prs ~
~ Join us as we celebrate our November Rankers ~
~ Party @ Noon; Games @ 12:30pm ~
Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Winner
Celebration @ Noon; Games @ 12:30pm
~ Open/299er/49er Prs ~
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Spring Workshops!

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Winter Workshops!

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