BAND Open Sectional at the Richardson Civic Center
Join us later this year...October 31-November 3, 2013
Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers!
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Thursday Tournament Pictures
Thurs AM Open Prs A_
Mark Bumgardner & Nagy Kamel
Thurs AM Open Prs B_
Jeanine Wofford & Barbara Nelson
Thurs AM 1500er Prs AB
Thurs AM 49er Prs A
Anne Curry & Jeanne Wyatt
Thurs AM 299er Prs ABC
Beth Castleberry & Carol Adamek
Thurs Aft 1500er Prs AB
John Jackson & Ken Bickelhaupt
Thurs Aft 49er Prs B
Linda Robertson & Jeanne Wyatt
Thurs Aft 299er Prs C
Fritzie Roop & Janet Meyer
Warren Buffett Cup
Trophy Table
Thurs Aft 49er Prs A
Chris Skibell & Anne Curry
Thurs Eve Open Prs B
Kathy Bumgardner & Wolf Schroeter
Thurs Eve 299er Prs B
John &Annie Mason
Thurs Eve 299er Prs C1/3
Will Snyder & Fred Seipp
Thurs Eve 299er Prs C1/3
Carol Morgan & James Meade
Thurs Compact KO Teams Bkt 1
Ann Lewis & Nancy Harralson
Adele Hudgins & Lue Waddle
Thurs KO Bkt 2
Jean O'Neal & Gay Schleicher
Terry Wolfe & Jo_Driscoll
Thurs Compact KO Teams Bkt 2
Ruthie Shor & Randy Earle
Susan Bates & Beverly Strauss
Thurs Aft & Thurs Eve
299er Prs A
Charles & Pat Brion
Thurs Eve Swiss A
Jay Gibson & Eric Diamond
Martha Young Judy Lotridge
Thurs Bkted KO Teams Bkt 1
Curtis Cheek, Susan Key, Tom Breed
Chris Compton & David Grainger
Thurs Eve Swiss B
Lynda Bradley & Katye Kowierschke
James Cothran & Ruby Hill
Robert Adams & David Foote