Big Time in Big "D" Sectional at the Richardson Civic Center
March 2-5, 2017
Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers!
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Saturday Tournament
Sat Morn Swiss AB
Gay Ball & Linda Downey
Cathy Tolliver & Betty Peterson
Sat Morn 49er Prs ABC
Jeanne Edwards & Jeanne Kelley
Sat Morn 299er Prs ABC
Terence & Linda Harley
Sat Aft 299er Prs C
Terence & Linda Harley
Sat Aft 49er Prs C
Tom Tiernan & Frank Gill
Sat Aft 49er Prs AB
Mary Kolb & Janice Thompson
Sat Aft 1500er Prs ABC
Mary Lynn Trentham & Judy Duval
Sat Aft Open Prs BC
Elaine Wood & Betsy Messerschmidt
299er & 49er Trophy Table
Featuring the Buffett Cup
BTBD Fabulous Directors
Kevin Perkins, Scott Humphrey, Wolf Schroeter
Mary Lou Collins & Carolyn Pinto
Sat Aft 299er Prs AB
David Croissant & Sherra Kay Read
Sat Eve Open Prs A
Suresh Agrawal & Gail Wells
Sat Eve Open Prs B
Tammy Madden & Mike Carter
Sat BKT Swiss #2
Jeff Dater & Tomi Storey
Milton Neher & Eric Diamond
Sat BKT Swiss #1
Nagy Kamel & Nancy Kornegay
Stephen Kornegay & Dan Morse
Sat BKT Swiss #3
Jianbo Chen & Jin Chu
Pingshan Wen &  Jonathan Wang