BAND is committed to the all around development of the Intermediate/Newcomer player.
From the very first lesson, students are encouraged to play in the Play-N-Learn games.
From there, the newcomers move up through the different level games including the
0-20 lesson game, 49er Pairs, 299er Pairs, 1500er Pairs and finally graduate to the Open Pairs.

BAND has three types of Mentor/Mentee Programs:

Mentor/Mentee Pairs

Mentor/Mentee/Shepherd Sign-ups

8 Is Enough Mentor/Mentee Swiss
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Sign up as an individual, pair or team HERE!

Entry Fee is FREE for Mentors with 1000+ points!
Teams will be arranged based on the following formula:
  • A = 1000+ = 3 points
  • B = 300-1000 = 2 points
  • C = 0-300 = 1 point
8 is Enough Swiss ~ How it Works
8 Is Enough Swiss    *    July 22, 2018
Dinner @ 5:15pm    *    Game @ 6:00pm
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No team can add to more than 8 points.
Strata A = 8 points
Strata B = 6/7 points
Strata C = 4/5 points
BPM Mentor/Mentee Pairs
1st year ACBL members are paired up with a BAND Shepherd for the duration of their 1st year.

BAND Shepherds welcome the new ACBL member to the duplicate world, offer to answer any questions,
and periodically follow up with them.  BAND Shepherds do not play with the new ACBL member.

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The BAND Mentor/Mentee Program is desinged to match less experienced players with more experienced players
so that they may play together and learn from each other. For the mentee, this program is an opportunity to
gain knowledge, confidence and assistance to enjoy your bridge adventure even more. For the mentor,
this is your opportunity to give back to the game we all love.

To be a mentee, you must also be a mentor if you have 20 or more masterpoints.

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BAND Shepherd Program
BPM Mentor/Mentee Programs