About Chuck Thomas

Chuck was born in “beautiful downtown Burbank.”  His Dad (born in 1886) was 59, mom 43, youngest half-brother was
25, and had a niece 16.  He was an “ooops”.  Graduated from Van Nuys High School in 63 – Valley guy through and
through.  West Point 63-67.  Met Sally, reigning Miss New Mexico International, on a blind date in 66.  Glommed onto
her and won’t let go.  Married, 12/27/67 - forever.  Two sons:  Shrader, USC Film School Grad, working the TV industry;
Jeff, New Mexico State, YMCA Executive.  Two terrific Grandsons.  Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from MIT.  
Registered Professional Engineer in Texas, California, and Virginia.  26.5 years in the Army Corps of Engineers with
assignments in Vietnam, Korea, and Saudi Arabia among others.  After the military, 15 Years with Parsons as
Project/Construction Manager.  Now living in Carrollton and staying active with the Project Management Institute,
shooting sports, and, of course, BAND.  Ask him about his passion for Corvettes and Disneyland.

Chuck played recreational bridge in High School, College, and beyond.  Recruited to BAND by his sister-in-law, Bunny
Trimble, in August 2017, and that began his Duplicate Bridge adventure.  He’s very proud and honored to be asked to be
a Director Assistant and looking forward to a long association with the great BAND team members and all who play here.
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