About Lacy Peterson

Lacy is a native Texan, born in South Texas. She's the youngest of 2 sisters. Her mother was a school teacher and the
father worked for Exxon. (Her mom was actually one of her middle school teachers!) She was very active in High
School. She attended the University of Texas @ Austin and graduated with a B.S. in Education. Immediately after
graduation, she moved back to South Texas and completed an Associates Degree in Restaurant Management within 1

She moved to Dallas where she met her husband and they were married 3 years later. They have 2 wonderful boys, who
light up their lives.

Lacy has always enjoyed cards. On vacation one summer, she and a friend started talking about family and games. Both
had relatives who played bridge and they decided to learn how to play. She began taking classes at BAND and has never
stopped playing.

Lacy is a Director's Assistant for BAND. Her duties include assisting the directors and the rest of the staff, while
meeting the needs of each and every patron of BAND.
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Bridge Academy
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