Services Offered By Chris Compton

Chris is a World International Master and ACBL Grand Life Master.  He has been a professional bridge player since 1978 and
has accumulated over 35,000 ACBL Masterpoints with national and international success. As an immersion style teacher,
Chris travels to ACBL and international tournaments and enters tournaments as a paid partner or paid team member. The
playing fees outlined below purchase a PhD like program which includes development of system notes, as well as review of
hands played . Many of Chris’ professional clients have been playing with Chris for years and scheduling is often required 3 or
more months in advance; however, occasionally there are last minute openings.
Outline of rates:
Fee for Professional Tournament Play:
  • World Championship and NABC events are priced individually. As but one example, a four session NABC pair event
    is $5000. NABC team events are significantly higher.  Expenses are only charged for Alaska, Hawaii, and outside
    North America.
  • For periods of 4 days to one week (generally ACBL sectionals and regionals) the price varies by exact number of days.
    A typical 6.5 day ACBL regional is a flat $7000, plus expenses. This includes three sessions of play per day.
  • For periods of 3 days or less (generally at ACBL sectionals and regionals) $1000 per day, plus discount airfare, airport
    transportation, parking, and host tournament hotel and tax. Rental cars are charged if  convenient and somewhat equal
    to cab fares.
Fee for Private Small Group Teaching:
  • A group of 4, 8 or 12 players may select a topic such as defense, declarer play, 2/1 Game Force, or Strong Club. A
    typical day of teaching is geared to the saturation level of the players, but 5 or 6 hours per day tends to be the limit.  
    Rates are $1500 per day, plus airfare, airport transportation, parking, and hotel room and tax.  Rental cars are charged
    when appropriate.
Fee for Online play and teaching:
  • Virtual play on BBO represents the chance to play the most number of hands in the shortest time period. Electronic
    hand records are available and may be discussed or annotated after play. The fee is $125/hour.

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