About Sharon Lux

Sharon was born & raised in Waco, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas - Austin with a major in English
& History. She went on to receive her graduate degree from the University of Texas - Dallas in Humanities. Sharon is a
veteran Plano ISD High School English teacher and department head where she worked for 22 years. She is currently a
private English tutor for grades 8-12th. Sharon has four amazing grandchildren, a cat, and a dog, all who no longer need
babysitting. In 2011, she reached out of her literary comfort zone and entered the world of bridge.  Since she was a book
worm and writer from childhood, she had never played a card game in her life.  Then she met Donna Compton who
introduced her to the world of duplicate bridge.  With Donna's encouragement and excellent teaching skills, she
ventured into a world of partnerships, bridge pads, and director calls.  But most importantly, she met wonderful people
and have made lasting friendships.

Sharon is thrilled to teach Intro and Modern Bidding. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching to
BAND as she knows the importance of the beginning classes in creating an attitude of fun and love for this challenging
game of strategy, logic, and skill.  Sharon is also the coordinator for BAND's Novice games. She will always be a student
of bridge as she believes the learning never stops.
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