District 16 Sectional Tournament at Clubs - June 12-18, 2017

Earn TRIPLE SILVER POINTS in the comfort of your own bridge studio - BAND!  Results are
compared with all participating clubs in District 16 (Most of Texas and Mexico).  Overalls are based
on total District tables.

All BAND Games - Open, 2500er, 299er, and 49er Pairs will award silver points June 12-18, 2017.

If you want a partner, sign up as a single and the BAND partnership team will arrange a partner for
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Join Donna, Chris & Gary
for 5 days of Bridge,
Opera & Fine Dining
on the Santa Fe Plaza
July 11-16, 2017
Santa Fe Land Cruise
STaC Mon Eve Overall Open Champs
David Salem & Jim Harp
STAC Mon Aft Open Overall Champs
Nancy Young & Richard Gordon
STAC Mon Aft Overall 299er Champs
Bill & Margaret Duff
STAC Wed Aft OA 299er Champs
Nancy Lynd & John Milligan
STAC Wed Aft OA Open Champs
Chris Compton & Susan Key
STaC Tues Aft 299er OA Champs
Yuri & Jenny Lemeshev
STaC Tues Aft Open OA Champs
Marcia Hutchison & Florence Beaird
STaC Thurs 299er OA Champs
Judy Wood & Lisa Smith
STaC Thurs Open OA Champs
Milt Neher & Tomi Storey
STAC Fri Aft 49er Pair Champs
Tom Tiernan & Rob Bugbee
STAC Fri Aft Open Prs (Sec A) Champs
Judy Thompson & Frank Durante
STaC Wed 49ers OA Champ
Bob Bender
STaC Wed 49ers OA Champ
Ellen Russell
STaC Sat Aft 1st 299ers Champs
Gano Ehlers & Martin Tayman
STAC Sat Aft 1st Open Champs
Milton Neher & Michael Murphy
STaC Sat Morn 2500er Prs OA Champs
Julie Butterfield & Ken Bickelhaupt
STAC Sun Aft  299er Champ
Cordelia Cottingim
STAC Sun Aft 49er Champs
Doug Pierce & Gloria Pierce
STAC Sun Aft Open Champs
Reagan Dixon & Glenda Cooper
STAC Fri Aft 299er Overall Champs
Marcia Messinger & Patty Kleckner