Give Lotza Love


FACT: Four siblings, through no fault of their own, are without the care of a mother and father.  

FACT: Three of them are under 3 ˝ years old.

FACT: Their single grandmother struggles to keep them together and provide a good home for them to grow up in…her home.

Lynda Lotz is in her late fifties and supported herself and one grandchild as an accountant working from home. Lynda was doing well until recently having to take over the care of 3 more grandchildren. Five of them live in a small 3-bedroom house in a Dallas suburb. Lynda uses one of the rooms as her office and shares her own bedroom with 3 of the children. If Lynda were not able to have childcare help and a room for her office, she would not be able to work at all. As it is, Lynda had to reduce her client load in order to care for the children because she can only afford limited child care help. In addition to childcare, Lynda’s increased expenses such as car payments, food, utilities, clothing etc. are more than she can afford. Her gross income restricts her eligibility for food assistance. If she cannot find a source of more income she will have to give up the children to foster homes and most likely the children will be separated.  We all know the risks of this lifestyle and Lynda is exhausted mentally and physically as she tries to make it all work.


Lynda was reluctant to talk about her situation but once community members learned about her dire needs they brought dinners, money and consolation to the family. Others and I have joined their efforts. But the Lotz family’s needs are ongoing and it will take a village to help this family brave the storm. An appeal for help went out to various organizations in the area. After assessing the situation, the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation, set up a fund that will help Lynda and the children. Will you please consider donating any amount of money or, if possible, an ongoing monthly donation to the fund identified below.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns about the validity of this plea. I have first hand knowledge of this situation. Thank you for your consideration.

Beverly Strauss                              Ph: 972-931-5881                  



All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt from DJCF. You may make a one time or ongoing monthly donation.


1. on-line

            Click on the LOTZ FUND on the upper right of the home page and then BE SURE TO CHOOSE THE LOTZ FUND AGAIN. It’s easy to remember GIVE LOTZA LOVE. 

2. by Phone

    Call Natasha Shovar at

                (214) 615-5258 (Direct your donation to the LOTZ FUND)

3. by Mail

    Make checks out to DCJF LOTZ FUND and mail to:

                   Dallas Jewish Community Foundation          

                    Att: Donor Services

                    7800 Northaven Road

                   Dallas, Texas 75230