Unit 176 Pair & Team Events at BAND

Unit 176 (Dallas and surrounding areas) generously allows the three Dallas area clubs (BAND,
Dorsey's, VVBC) to host the monthly unit pair games and monthly unit team games.  

Overall winners of each strata win a Unit FREE PLAY and Mini Mac Points which accumulate
throughout the year.
2011 Mini Mac Standings (Unit Game MP Race)

Unit monthly pair games are held on the 2nd Sunday of the Month at 1:30pm.  

* The 2012 dates are on the 2nd Sunday of the Month except in February - Which is on the 19th and  
April - which is on the 15th.

Unit team games are held on Thursdays throughout the year at 6:30pm.  BAND hosted 19 teams for
the February 16th Unit Team Events.  See you in 2013!

Eligibility for the unit games is based on the points reported in the prior month's Bridge Bulletin.  You
do not have to belong to Unit 176 to participate.
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Jane Koch & Merrily Sartain
Jerr Boschee & Ray Olds
499er Results
February Unit Swiss Open A
Jay Gibson & Aslam Ansari
Lenny Schaen & Derrell Childs
Open Results
Monthly Unit 299er Pairs Winners
January Unit 99er Winners
Sue Ann Arthur & Dee Bridgewater
February Unit 99er AB Winners
Barry & Lynn Cooper
March Unit 99er Winners A & B
Lou & Diann Durbin
March Unit 99er Winners C
Lou & Jon Bauman
April Unit 299er Winners A
Delilah Perkinson & Darrel Strelitz
February Unit 99er C Winners
Rick & Leah Margerison
April Unit 299er Winners B
Lisa Abuhamad & Ruthie Shor
April Unit 299er Winners C
Nancy Love & Anna Deaton
May Unit 299er Winners ABC
Pat McNeill & Janice Tombello
June Unit 299er Winners AB
Frank Durante & Diana Chen
June Unit 299er Winners C
Melanie Munnell & Cordelia Cottingim
BAND February
Unit Team Winners
August Unit 299er Winners AB
Jennifer Rao & Nancy Latner
September Unit 299er Winners AB
Jon & Sheri Wolkenstein
September Unit 49er Winners
Ellen Krane & Tina Epstein
BAND September
Unit Team Winners
September 499er Swiss A
Michael McShane & Jane Kirby
499er Results
September Unit Swiss Open A
Elda Kay Hampton, Judy Lotridge
Mary McGinnis & Jim Harp
Open Results
October Unit 49er Winners
Stephanie & Robert Broun
October Unit 299er Strata C Winners
Pat McNeill & Janice Trombello
October Unit 299er Strata B Winners
Diana Chen & Frank Durante
October Unit 299er Strata A Winners
Phyllis Spencer & Darrel Strelitz
December Unit 299er Strati ABC Winners
Janice Trombello & Pat McNeill
November Unit 49er Winners
Stephanie & Robert Broun
Denise Strueber & John Ellis