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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
About Susan Bates

Susan was born in New York, but since she moved to Dallas when she was six-weeks old, she considers herself a native
Texan.  Susan graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in History and Psychology.  
She received her MA and Ph.D. from Duke University in Clinical Psychology.  

Susan has been married to her husband Evan for 28 years.  They have four children: Kyle, Ryan, Adam and Sarah.  
Susan has always loved games of all kinds and fondly remembers hours spent playing everything from Scrabble to Gin
Rummy with her grandparents and brothers.  Susan began playing bridge for the first time about seven years ago with
her mom and was instantly hooked.  She began playing duplicate about five years ago and loves the challenge and the
camaraderie of the game.  No matter how much she learns, there is always more out there.  What could be better!

Susan has been mentoring players new to the game for the last two years and is an ACBL certified teacher.  She
currently runs the Newbie Supervised Play class.