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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
About Bud Gerwig


Bud has been married to Kathy since 1988. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, he has lived in West Virginia, Wyoming,
Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Georgia, and Texas. You guessed it, Air Force brat. He has a Bachelor’s degree in
Mathematics from Weber State in Ogden, Utah, and a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the Georgia Institute of
Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked in software development in four different divisions of Texas Instruments
over a 36-year career.

He enjoys books, movies, puzzles, and all sorts of games, but duplicate bridge is best. His first exposure to bridge was
with Kathy and her parents in the late 80’s, but he didn't play the game through the next two decades until the end of
his TI career. He started the intro class at BAND in July of 2015 and hasn't looked back.


Bud works at the BAND desk, assists the directors, and helps in any other way he can. He aspires to both teaching and
directing duplicate bridge, but for now, plays the game at least six days a week, and tries to learn as much as he can.