Unit 176 Pair at BAND
Overall winners of each strata win a Unit FREE PLAY.  Winners also receive a trophy and
their picture on the BAND Facebook page and BAND website.
Eligibility for the unit games is based on the points reported in the prior month's Bridge
Bulletin.  You do not have to belong to Unit 176 to participate.

2012 Unit Champions

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2018 Monthly Unit 176 Winners
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January Unit Winners
~ 25.5 Tables ~
Open B Champs
Roz Smith & Carol Casey
Open C Champs
Sudhir Shah & Raj Menon
Open Champs
Bill Osborn & John Spessard
299er BC Champs
Paulette Armstrong & Cevily Huthison
299er Champs
Anne Goodman & Gano Ehlers
49er ABC Champs
Donna Osborne & Gwen Longio
February Unit Winners
~ 30 Tables ~
Open Champs
Jay Gibson & Martha Young
Open B Champs
Roz Smith & Sharon Ward
Open C Champs
Dale & Valarie  Remmers
299er C Champs
Carol Arthur & Tony Arthur
299er B Champs
Jacqueline Brown & Philip Brown
299er Champs
Leonard Epstein & Tina Epstine
49er ABC Champs
Carey Pharr & Susan Pharr
49er AB (Tied) Champs
Charles Thomas & Beverly Winchester
March Unit Winners
29.5 Tables Sun Aft ~ 31 Tables Thurs Aft
299er Sun BC Champs
Carol & Tony Arthur
Open Sun ABC Champs
Janice & Joseph Trombello
49er Sun ABC Champs
Frances Coleman & Burton Shepherd
299er Sun A Champs
Selwyn & Louella Josset
Open Thurs A Champs
Barry Schaffer & Nancy Passell
Open Thurs B Champs
Mel Sharp & NJ Tripode
Open Thurs C Champs
Michael McShane & Bud Gerwig
49er Thurs ABC Champs
Burton Shepherd & Frances Coleman
299er Thurs ABC Champs
Carol & Tony Arthur
April Unit Winners
25 Tables Sun Aft ~ 26 Tables Thurs Aft
299er Sun A Champs
Erica Walker & Bob Bender
49er Sun A Champs
Leslie Collins & Denise Patterson
299er Sun C (Tied) Champs
Judy Wood & Darlene Campbell
299er Sun C (Tied) Champs
Carol & Tony Arthur
299er Sun B Champs
Sandy Clapp & Theresa Smith
Open Sun A Champs
Jack Borenstein & Marion Gebhardt
Open Sun B Champs
Nancy Latner & Jim Farmer
Open Sun C Champs
Martha Ward & Carla Joiner
Open Thurs Champs
Bonnie Shea & Gay Anderson
May Unit Winners
27 Tables
Open B-C Champs
Michael & Debrah Chockley
49er B Champs
Shelly Wallace & Maneeb Mellem
49er Champs
Curt & Cindy McIntyre
299er Champs
Debor Cassen & John Saylor
Open Champs
Bob Friz & Michael Hout
June Unit Winners
32.5 Tables
Open C Champs
Valarie & Dale Remmers
299er Champs
Calvin Winchester & Beverly Winchester
Open B Champs
Jim Richman & Chris Anderson
Open Champs
Scott Nason & Jeff Dater
49er Champs
Pam Johnson & Frank Quick
299er Champs
Sherry Peart & John Peart
July Unit Winners
26.5 Tables Sun Aft ~ 28 Tables Tues Aft
Sun Open C Champs
Daniel Butler & Leonard Epstein
Sun Open B Champs
Valarie & Dale Remmers
Sun Open A Champs
Gerry McKim & Michael Hout
Sun 299er C Champs
Carol & Tony Arthur
Sun 299er A Champs
Angela Johnson & Joan Becker
Tues Open A Champs
Jack Borenstein & Marion Gebhardt
Tues Open B Champs
Jo Ann Truitt & Eloise Meachum
Tues Open C Champs
Erica Walker & Kari Smith
Tues 299er ABC Champs
Sharon Barbee & Ann Weissler
Sun Open A Champs
Bob Scallan & Suresh Agrawal
Sun Open C Champs
Jan Tombello & Joseph Trombello
Sun 299er AB Champs
Amy Adams & Ron Day
Sun 299er C Champs
Rock Barnebey & Chris Harding
August Unit Winners
30 Tables